DTE Sibley Quarry Conveyor 1

DTE Sibley Quarry

Trenton MI

Rebar install: 17 tons of chimney, 120 tons of conveyor, and installation of mechanical couplers for a new conveyor system. 
Safely set several 40’x40’ #11 resteel walls weighing in at a whopping 16k pounds each. Our Ironworkers Local 25 pre-built and rigged the heavy resteel to be set into place. Prior to the build of these walls, we identified the possible hazards and were able to install the walls correctly and safely. Thank you JJ Curran Crane Co for the smooth picks.

Watch our Ironworkers Local 25 install a 40x40 resteel wall HERE

  • General Contractor
  • DSP Constructors (DeMaria Building Company)
  • Architect
  • Barr Engineering
  • Application
  • rebar, concrete reinforcing, mechanical couplers, resteel, pre-built and rigged resteel walls
  • Project Status
  • Active


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